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A  wide range of “Free for personal use” and “Open Source” products now exist to cover just about any PC requirement. They are particularly good in the area of PC and network security. More recently it has become possible to get products for office applications, internet browsing, graphics editing and much more that provide all the functionality of the paid for product. The main area of short coming tends to be support. These products will often not have any telephone support. They do however mostly have a very active forum where users get together online to help each other.

This list features products that we have used and are happy to see our customers using them.

Some of these files are quite large and will take some time to download. If you are on dial-up internet access we are able to offer a service to download and burn a CD of these products for you. Please enquire for more details.

Security Tools



AVG Anti-Virus

AVG offer a “free for personal use” of their excellent antivirus software. It will protect your PC and also check your inbound email for viruses.






Super Anti Spyware

Spyware can hide in your computer waiting for you to input your bank account details or credit card details or direct you to adverts you didn’t ask for. To ensure you are clean of these types of trojans you need a good anti-spyware product.







Malwarebytes  has a proven record of protecting computers by completely removing all forms of malware, including viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware and rootkits.





Office Applications (Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentations etc.)




Although many home users are able to buy the Home and Student Microsoft Office there are  many more who cannot afford to. LibreOffice provides most of the facilities of Microsoft Office for the cost of a large download.





Desktop Publishing, Photo Editing, Website Building and Graphics



Serif Software

Serif are a British Software house that specialise in the graphics market. To encourage users to try their products they offer previous versions for free. Although not the latest version they still provide most of the functionality that most users require


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